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Interior and exterior wooden doors, Scandinavian and European type wooden windows.

We have been working for you already for 20 years!

All products are provided
with a 5-year guarantee.

Geriausia ką galite gauti.

The best you can get.

Viskas tik Jūsų namams.

Everything only for your home.

Natūralaus medžio durys.

Natural wood doors.

Šiluma ir jaukumas Jūsų namams.

Warmth and cosiness for your home.

Šiluma ir garso izoliacija.

Thermal and sound insulation.

Kokybės ir kainos santykis.

Price-to-quality ratio.



Interior doors

Doors are the key accent of the room and therefore – an inseparable part of the interior. Doors are manufactured with a rabbet, frames of different width and are sealed with gaskets. We manufacture doors of several types: veneered, solid wood and glass doors.

Veneered doors – doors covered with veneer (up to 1 mm thickness) using hot press to make the door look like it was made of solid wood. Our doors are manufactured according to the desired design and parameters specified by you.
Solid wood doors – luxury doors for those who love excusive interior and natural timber. They are manufactured from oak, ash, pine or mahogany. These doors can be stained or painted in any selected colour, coated with varnish or oil.
Glass doors – available either with aluminium or solid wood veneered frame. Glass design is very rich – ranging from glass with transparent smooth surface to glass with various ornaments.


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