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Geriausia ką galite gauti.

The best you can get.

Viskas tik Jūsų namams.

Everything only for your home.

Natūralaus medžio durys.

Natural wood doors.

Šiluma ir jaukumas Jūsų namams.

Warmth and cosiness for your home.

Šiluma ir garso izoliacija.

Thermal and sound insulation.

Kokybės ir kainos santykis.

Price-to-quality ratio.



Offer to Representatives

In developing our activities we keep looking for representatives and points of distribution of our products. If you have your own small store or any other point of sale and want to sell our products, we are always open for proposals and ready to work. On the matters of cooperation please contact us by e-mail or phone in the column of contacts.

+370 600 25889
Skype: tomas_megamas

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