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Interior and exterior wooden doors, Scandinavian and European type wooden windows.

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Scandinavian type wooden windows

Although these windows are intended for the Scandinavian market, their installation in the Baltic countries has also become more and more frequent. Since these windows open to the outside they allow saving the interior space and when the wind is strong the window panel is pressed against gaskets even stronger thus ensuring maximum tightness. Windows of the Scandinavian type are distinguished for a wide choice of their operation types, which makes them an excellent alternative for each architectural solution. Furthermore, they have narrower frames and, therefore, they look lighter and more modern, and their insulated glass unit area is larger than in the case of the European type windows. From the outside, these windows can be braced with aluminium to provide for maximum durability.

Types of wood:

  • Pine wood with knots or surface defects removed
  • Clear pine wood
  • Larch
  • Oak
  • Mahogany


You can choose colours from “RAL” or “NCS” palettes. We recommend coating a wooden window from the exterior with paint and applying from the interior:

  • the same colour as that used for the exterior (most cost-efficient)
  • another colour from “RAL” or “NCS” palettes
  • a transparent varnish and retaining the natural colour of wood
  • a transparent varnish and creating the desired tint.
  • coating with oil (both interior and exterior in the case of mahogany)


We install windows with triple or quadruple insulated glass units. Their thermal characteristics depend on the span between glass, inert gas filling such spans, special selective covering of glass and material of frames separating the glass. As a rule, aluminium frames are used. “Termix” or “TGI” frames are installed in order to achieve especially high thermal performance of the window. Total width of the insulated glass unit can vary between 24 and 48 mm. To bond an insulated glass unit into the window frame we use organic silicone or a special rubber gasket.

Types of glass units: 

  • Heat insulating and soundproof glass units
  • Solar control glass units
  • Self-cleaning glass units
  • Tinted glass units
  • Acoustic glass units (up to 52dB sound insulation)
  • Fire-resistant glass units (Ei30-Ei60)
  • Safety glass units (with toughened or laminated glazing)
  • Glass units with decorative glazing

Decorative bars:

The glass of Scandinavian windows is often divided by means of decorative bars. They may be made of aluminium inside the glass unit and of wood attached to the glass by silicone or fixed using special holders. Removable bars are placed within 2 mm distance from glass to make the cleaning of such windows easier.

Closing mechanisms and locks: 

 The problem of weight often arises when manufacturing warm windows of the Scandinavian type. Triple glass units are very heavy, therefore for control of windows and for ensuring their perfect functioning we use Danish PN UNI firm bindings well-known on the market for their durability and capability to bear the largest loads.

Types of handles:

  • ordinary handles
  • handles with a push button
  • handles with a push button and a key

Aluminium bracing:

Aluminium cladding of the window from the outside provides maximum protection for wood against negative impact of atmospheric factors, while at the same time allowing the wood to “breathe”. Such windows are perfect for minimum maintenance. We use the wood-aluminium window hardware of the German manufacturer GUTMANN GmbH. We apply to aluminium profiles powder coating of any “RAL” colour or give to it a silver tint by anodising.

Control options:

Top swing  Top Slide Side sliding Side Opening


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