Sliding patio door systems

We manufacture and install durable sliding and folding patio door systems to order. We also provide consultations and design sliding and folding patio door systems.

We offer our customers two types of patio door systems: sliding patio door systems and folding patio door systems.

Our sliding patio door systems are HS lift and slide doors used for accessing the patio. These are reliable, durable, easy-slide systems made from 78-mm or 92-mm leaves with double-, triple-, or even quadruple-glazed units. The huge sliding leaf makes it easy to open up the patio and enjoy the view, while the insulating glass units ensure excellent thermal insulation. We use the new-generation Ekopass threshold in our HS systems – this is a low, aluminium threshold with excellent thermal properties. The maximum width with two leavesm sliding to both sides is 12 metres.

Folding door systems are installed in places where the largest possible opening is desired. Folding door systems are a great solution for cafés, bars and restaurants that want to have a huge glass wall that can be opened to extend or merge the interior with the outdoor terrace and create a place where people can move back and forth freely. Depending on the layout of the building, the door system can be folded inwards or outwards to save space.

For patio door systems, we use Siegenia and Roto door leaf hinges and guiding elements to ensure easy folding. The leaves can be pushed to the right, to the left, or to both sides. The sliding hardware and quietly folding sections offer versatile application in both residential and public spaces.

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