Aluminium windows

Those who build, renovate or repair their homes not only want the best possible aesthetic appearance, but also high quality. This applies to everything. And for windows too. “Megamas has been noticing for some time now that plastic windows, which have dominated the market for a long time, are beginning to compete seriously with aluminium windows. Probably because of the appearance and properties of aluminium. Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust and the most abundant metal on the planet. In ancient times, aluminium was known as the “magic metal” and was very often chosen and used in construction. Today, it is a very popular metal and is widely used in the manufacture of windows and doors.

Do you know why?

First and foremost because aluminium windows are a modern, durable and energy-efficient solution that is increasingly chosen by customers who are looking for and appreciate quality. In addition, aluminium, unlike wood, plastic or other window frame materials, is very flexible and therefore particularly suitable for the production of windows in non-standard shapes and sizes. And the wide choice of colours ensures that your windows can be matched as closely as possible to both your interior and exterior.

And it’s no wonder that aluminium profile windows are increasingly gaining consumer sympathy – if they offer valuable advantages. Qualified window technicians are always available to tell you more about their advantages, benefits and options.

Aluminium windows – one solution, many advantages

  • Aluminium windows – lightweight and aesthetically pleasing
    Aluminium is a very light metal, weighing only about 2.7 g/cm3. To give you an idea, this is about one third the weight of steel or copper. It is one of the lightest metals commercially available, making it ideal for window and door frames. Different colours and decorative elements can be used for these windows.
  • Aluminium windows are extremely flexible
    Aluminium is a very plastic and flexible material that can be used to create any shape of window (square, triangle, trapezoid, circle, etc.). Since aluminium is not brittle or breakable, aluminium frame profiles can be easily bent or pressed into shape without any risk of breaking.
  • Aluminium windows – for those who want to see more
    Extremely flexible, durable and lightweight, aluminium is the reason why this type of window can be larger than a wooden or plastic frame. “Megamas can offer you both extra-large windows up to 3600×2600 mm and casement windows up to 1100×2400 mm, as well as extra- small windows from 410×410 mm and 330×330 mm casement windows.
  • Aluminium windows – easily adaptable to different interiors and exteriors
    This type of window is most praised for giving any residential building a sleek, modern look. Aluminium windows are available in a wide range of RAL colours. Aluminium profiles can be anodised or powder-coated, which is not possible with wooden or plastic windows, and is therefore considered to be an exclusive feature of aluminium. The surface of aluminium structures can be matt, metallic or glossy. So if you want a distinctive building design, aluminium windows are the ideal choice. Aluminium windows and doors can be adapted to different building designs, as they come in a wide range of shapes and models.
  • Aluminium windows – extremely durable
    Very strong – aluminium alloys are used to make window and door frames because they are very strong. In addition, the lower the temperature, the stronger and more durable aluminium becomes. This means that aluminium windows and doors can withstand the most extreme winter temperatures. The material is also highly resistant to changing weather conditions: wind, snow or prolonged humidity.
  • Aluminium windows are non-combustible
    In the event of a fire, aluminium windows will not be exposed to fire, smoke or further spread of fire.
  • Aluminium windows are corrosion resistant
    If you are looking for low-maintenance windows, aluminium is the best solution. When aluminium interacts with air, a protective layer of aluminium oxide immediately forms on the surface of the material, which is highly resistant to corrosion, harsh weather conditions and even harmful chemicals. Unlike wooden or plastic frames, aluminium window frames do not swell, decompose, crack or warp over time. Specialists can offer to further enhance the corrosion protection of windows by anodising or painting (usually powder coating) their surface.
  • Aluminium windows are easy to maintain
    They don’t attract dust and other dirt, and they don’t become covered in moss, mould or fungus over time. They are also easy to clean and do not require any special cleaning or protection against the negative effects of the external environment. Aluminium windows are also appreciated for their resistance to deformation ad mechanical damage, fading, yellowing and discolouration, so that if you buy aluminium windows and doors, they will not lose their excellent appearance and functionality for many years.Aluminium windows can offer a high level of energy-efficiency and tightness, which creates greater indoor comfort, and even allows you to make savings (less heat is wasted in the winter season). In order to guarantee the highest possible energy efficiency, the right aluminium profiles and glazing units must be used – Megamas can offer this to suit each individual’s needs. Those who have been using aluminium windows and doors for many years are pleased to find that the frames of this type of window are thinner than those of other types of windows, allowing them to glaze a larger window area and enjoy a brighter home, letting in more daylight.

Double glazing for aluminium windows

Double, triple or quadruple glazing units with a thickness of 24-60 mm are installed in prepared aluminium frames. To maximise thermal insulation, special frames made of non-aluminium are used on the perimeter of the glazing units. The most popular Megamas glazing units are:

  • Controlling solar energy
  • Self-washing
  • Tinted glass units
  • Sound-insulating
  • Refractory
  • Impact-resistant glazing units
  • Double glazing with decorative glass

Aluminium windows made from reliable and high-quality materials

“Megamas aluminium windows are manufactured using special profiles with a chambered construction filled with the latest generation of thermal insulation materials. Multi-chamber aluminium profiles achieve very good U-value parameters, i.e. heat transfer, making this type of window ideal for both industrial and residential buildings in the highest energy class. In addition, in addition to fixed and side-opening, tilt-and-turn windows, we also manufacture folding, tilt-and-turn, sliding, retractable and tilt-and-slide windows from high quality materials.

Numerous tests and trials carried out to assess the performance of these windows and their profiles have produced above-average results. This means only one thing: aluminium windows that meet the highest quality standards are a smart and valuable choice to create cosiness and comfort in your home or any other room.

So choose the right aluminium windows or doors for you, and the Megamas team will do everything possible to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards and provide the maximum possible benefit for you and your home.

Useful information

Aluminium windows – the environmentally friendly choice
If you choose aluminium windows or doors, you will not only enjoy high quality, excellent window and door performance and functionality, but you will also be choosing one of the most environmentally friendly options. Aluminium is a material that can be 100% recycled and the quality of recycled aluminium remains the same as pure aluminium.

This means it can be recycled continuously. Studies in Europe have shown that almost 75% of all aluminium window structures ever produced are still in use today. It is believed that this characteristic is the reason why the global demand for aluminium is steadily growing.

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