Aluminium Systems

„Ponzio“ company is a manufacturer of aluminium systems used in the construction of windows, doors, walls, facades, interior gardens and sun visors. The company also offers specialised solutions of different types, including fireproof constructions. Innovative system solutions applied in various buildings meet stringent requirements for energy efficiency, comfort and safety. “Ponzio“ systems can be found in many countries around the world where they serve in creating a modern architectural view.


„PE 50“is a non-insulated aluminium profile system designed for the manufacturing of internal constructions, i.e. glazed partitions, windows and doors. The construction‘s system has a “euro“ hardware groove in the door profiles. Window panels with PVC hardware groove are also available. Window panels flush with the frame on the outside. Manual or automatic sliding doors are available. The profile depth is 52 mm. A wide range of available fittings, door panels and constructions (flat doors, doors with central groove, glass doors, manual and automatic sliding doors, hinged doors, windows and glazed partitions) are tailored to meet individual requirements.

„PE 78 N“ (windows)is a three-chamber construction system with the “euro“ standard hardware groove, intended for window constructions (thermal conductivity coefficient Uf = 1.2 – 1.9 W/m2K). The constructional depth of the frame is 78 mm, and the constructional depth of the panel is 86 mm. The system allows the use of a wide range of hardware and is easy to install.

 „PE 78 N“ (doors) is a three-chamber door system with thermal insulation and “euro“ standard hardware groove. The system is rigid and durable, therefore, doors of large dimensions can be designed. Specially processed and mutually compatible profiles enable easy connection of doors and show windows. The constructional depth of the frame and leaf is 78 mm. Glass or glass units of various types and thickness, opaque composition panels, and polycarbonate are used for filling. The thermal conductivity coefficient (frame) is Uf = 1.2 – 1.9 W/m2K (basic version, windows), 1.7-1.9 (doors), from 0.9 Hi version.

„PE 96“is a system featuring exceptional thermal insulation performance (Uw <0.8 W / m2K), therefore it is perfectly suited for energy-efficient and passive construction. The depth of the profile is 96 mm for frames and 106 mm for panels. 62 mm multi-cavity thermal breaks and two-component central gaskets ensure low thermal conductivity. Glazing range is from 39 to 74 mm. This system is available in two options: “Passive“ and “Passive+“, which are applied considering the required levels of thermal conductivity.

 „PF 152“ is a system intended for building facades and roofs. Particularly large spans can be glazed using this system by developing constructions in a wide range of forms. 66 mm thickness glass units can be used in a system, therefore the heat transfer coefficient of such constructions is U-0.6 w/m²K. When double glazing glass units are used the coefficient of U-1,15 w/m²K can be attained. “Ponzio“ system “PF152“ can be of HI (high insulation) modification in which thermal insulators of a new generation are used. The heat transfer coefficient U of this system is only 0.6 w/m²K, therefore such systems are often installed in energy-efficient buildings. Due to its exceptional potential this system can be adapted to meet various needs.

SL 1600tt Hi is an option of the lifting and sliding system with high thermal insulation intended for the most fastidious customers. In the PLUS option Uf is equal 2.1 W / m2K and higher, and in the top HI option the heat transfer coefficient is equal 1.8 W / m2K and higher. The constructional depth is equal: 67 mm for panels, 160 mm for double track frames and 247 mm for triple track frames. The structure enables the production of stable constructions of large size with up to 8 panels and especially high weight of the panel. The system enables application of fillings of up to 51 mm thick.


„Reynaers aluminium“ is a leading European company implementing innovative and sustainable aluminium construction solutions for windows, doors, facade walls, sliding systems, solar protection and interior gardens. Aluminium systems are exceptional due to their modern design, practicability, comfort, safety, cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency and price-quality ratio.


„CS 59 Pa“ is a system offering a wide range of non-insulated profiles intended for the production of elegant, functional and affordable windows, doors and internal partitions.


„CS 77“ system meets high requirements of thermal insulation, stability, and safety. A three-chamber profile system provides protection against breaking, firearms, noise, fire and exposure to humidity and wind.

„CS 38 SL“ is a three-chamber system of unique, elegant and comfortable design with exceptional insulation potential, ensuring excellent balance between sustainable materials, energy-efficiency and complex architectural challenges. All types of panels opening inside and outside are available.


„Masterline 8“ door system offers a wide range of doors meeting modern safety, comfort, thermal insulation, stability, and durability requirements.


„Masterline 10“ doors are designed for energy-efficient and passive buildings and public buildings where the demand for durable and robust doors is greater.

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