External doors

External doors make the first impression about the building. In addition, wooden external doors are an extremely important part of the home that determines thermal conductivity, security and comfort.

In order to completely meet customer needs, we offer a full package of wooden external doors and accessories.

– We make wooden external doors that are 78–92 mm thick and are extra strong, stable and climate resistant. Their thermal conductivity coefficient can be as high as 0.86W/(m2k).

– We offer different models of wooden external doors in a particularly wide range of colours. We can also produce wooden external doors according to your individual design.

– Thanks to the additional acoustic seal, our wooden external doors have excellent sound insulation properties.

– We install firm, abrasion-resistant, double-contour, wood/aluminium thresholds.

– Our doors are fitted with double- or triple-glazed units with standard, reflective, tinted or decorative glass.

– We offer locks, fingerprint scanners and mobile phone apps from well-known, reliable manufacturers such as Roto Frank, Siegenia and Assa.

Wooden external doors. Manufacture, sale and installation.

Useful information

External doors cab be produced with insulating glass units that have two or three panes of glass. The glass can be clear, frosted, reflective or patterned. It is also possible to install tempered or laminated safety glass.

Decorative window grilles can be produced that can be glued to the insulating glass unit, installed inside the unit, or attached on special holders so they can be removed to clean the window

For convenient and airtight use, entrance thresholds are made of aluminium. Most people have probably seen aluminium thresholds at stores that are unsealed, lifted from the floor, unstable or rattling. This is because aluminium does not adhere well to the mounting foam and eventually tears away. Our thresholds are fastened to a wooden part, so their adhesion, strength and stability are guaranteed.

We use EASY 3-D three-way adjustable overlay hinges, which meet the most stringent technical and aesthetic requirements as well as installation technology requirements. Load up to 150 kg. They are easy to adjust, even when the door is closed. These hinges provide low resistance to movement thanks to the self-lubricating bushings. Since the design of the hinges is symmetrical, they can be installed on either the left or right side of the door, and on doors with or without side gaskets. So these hinges can be customised in even four ways. Due to the wide variety of finishes available, the hinges can be optimally coordinated with the appearance of the door. This ensures the aesthetic value of the door while also maintaining its practical value.

Installation of door closers (how hard the door closes can be adjusted by repositioning the closer).

  • Good anti-wind function;
  • The closing speed is adjustable from the front;
  • How strong it slams is adjustable with the length of the lever;
  • Locking lever max. 1500.

For external doors, we use locks from Roto Frank, which is a leading producer of window and door fittings. We can offer everything from simple locks to state-of-the-art locks for your doors: electronic locks, fingerprint sensors, magnetic cards and more. The most commonly used door lock is the handle lock. By lifting up the handle, the door is locked at three points, which also reliably fastens the gaskets.

We can finish your external door in any RAL or NCS colour so that it goes perfectly with the house facade. The inside and outside of the door can be either the same or different colours. The outside of the door is painted with surface stain, while the inside of the door can have a clear coat, since it has to be the same colour as the internal doors.

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