Wooden Windows and Doors. Why Choose Them?

Nowadays, natural materials and a “green” home are back in fashion. More and more people are thinking not only about the cheapest ways to make repairs at home, but also about quality and environmental friendliness. For these reasons, wooden windows and wooden doors are gradually coming back into our homes. Wood is an environmentally friendly material best suited for the production of windows and doors. The plastic window frames that are so common today and doors made of synthetic materials are far inferior to their wooden counterparts in almost every area.

Wooden windows have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. They are resistant to weathering, so they last a long time; they also maintain their shape, thus ensuring the highest level of airtightness. Tests have shown that these products are the most resistant to weathering and maintain excellent airtightness for very long periods of time. Contrary to what many people think, they do not even require complicated regular maintenance.

All windows have to be cleaned from time to time, regardless of the material they are made from. When cleaning wooden windows, highly concentrated, strong chemical cleaners and coarse powders that can damage the varnish or paint should be avoided. Maintaining wooden windows really does not require a lot of effort – you just have to remember to use the right agents. Once a year, it is advisable to use a cleaning lotion formulated specially for wooden windows, as this coats and renews the paint surface, revives the colour, and extends the life of the finish. Also important is the fact that wooden windows allow the house to breathe and do not accumulate static electricity.

Wood is a classic material that looks solid and will never go out of fashion. Meanwhile, the popularity of plastic fluctuates over time – it goes out of style quickly and does not always go with the changing interior of the home. Wooden windows and wooden doors go well with other interior elements: wooden furniture, floors, decor, and so on. So wooden windows and wooden doors have an attractive, natural look, but even more importantly – they are also very practical.

Wooden doors also have a number of advantages. They are extremely strong and have excellent insulating properties. Because of their purpose, external doors have to be quite thick in order to prevent cold and noise from entering the house. Panevėžys District’s UAB Megamas produces external doors that are as thick as 92 mm. They consist of several layers which ensure excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Like windows, they are resistant to weathering, so they will not be damaged by seasonal changes in temperature, rain or snow. Wooden external doors are long-lasting and extremely durable, but their main advantage is their solid appearance.

Real wooden doors are much nicer looking than plastic or metal doors decorated with imitation wood. Both the natural grain of the wood and the beautiful design contribute to their solid appearance. Megamas can also incorporate decorative glass into its external and internal doors for a unique look.

Beautiful wooden doors are just as important inside the home. Internal doors should go with the overall interior design, and be of sufficient quality to serve and delight for years to come. Megamas produces two types of internal doors: engineered and solid wood. Solid wood is popular among those who like luxury and want to see only high quality natural wood details in their interior. These doors are made of oak, ash, mahogany or other exotic wood and can be ideally tailored for any home. In many cases, it is impossible to distinguish engineered doors from solid wood doors. They look just as beautiful, and they are even stronger and more stable. Furthermore, their design allows for the production of more models. That is why they are so popular with designers. With the help of a hot press, a thin layer of select wood is laminated to the door structure, giving the door the appearance of natural solid wood, which allows you to choose luxurious types of exotic wood with a lower difference in price. Whatever type of door you choose, Megamas will produce it to the exact dimensions and design requirements you provide.

The production of wooden windows and doors is much more complex than the production of plastic windows. Material defects have to be removed with the use of modern technology. Wooden windows are made from glued laminated timber with three, four, or even five layers, which makes them very durable and resistant to weathering. Given – the complexity of the manufacturing process makes these windows a bit more expensive, so many people think that it is better to save some money and choose a cheaper alternative. However, before making a decision, you should carefully consider all the advantages of wooden windows and doors and look at what is really more important – the small savings in your pocket that will definitely not be significant in the final building estimate, or details that give your house luxury, comfort and added value.

For more than 20 years, UAB Megamas has been manufacturing quality wooden windows, internal and external doors, and sliding patio door systems. In the company’s many years of business, its flexible attitude and attention to each and every customer have earned the trust of customers from Lithuania and abroad. All UAB Megamas products come with a 5-year warranty.

Wooden windows and doors may not be the cheapest option, but the most economical solutions are not right for every home, and the quality of wooden windows and doors is much higher. The good thermal and acoustic insulation properties, the natural, luxurious appearance, and the added value given to the home will make your slightly larger investment in true quality more than worthwhile.

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